Tradesman’s Last Message

May 1928

South Yorkshire Times, May 4, 1928

A Sad Discovery.

Conisboros Tradesman’s Last Message.

Mr. Enoch Watson, retired grocer, who owned a fairly extensive business in the Conisboro’ and Denaby district, was found dead through asphyxiation by gas in the scullery of his home, Park Road, Conisboro’, on Wednesday morning.

When she rose on Wednesday morning Mrs. Watson found a message written in chalk on a wall of the kitchen:
“Send for Albert. I cannot stand another day of torture. Thanking you all for your kindness. Goodbye, everybody.”

Mrs. Watson sent for Albert, deceased’s son, and they noticed another chalked message on the door of the scullery: “Gas escaping.” They found the body arranged on cushions on the sink in. the scullery, with a gas pipe beside it.

Mr. Watson was 56 years old. The reference to “torture” in the message evidently refers to suffering from pains in the head of which deceased had recently complained. He was formerly a prominent churchman, and was churchwarden at Denaby Parish church for many years. He was widely respected.

Mr. Frank Allen, the district coroner, will hold an inquest at Conisboro’ this morning.