Tragedy at Denaby Main – Attempted Murder and Suicide

April 1895

Mexborough and Swinton Times April 19 1895

Tragedy at Denaby  Main
Attempted Murder and Suicide

On Sunday afternoon, a minor name William Dransfield, of Edlington Street, Denaby Main, made a determined attempt to murder his wife, and afterwards attempted to commit suicide.

It appears the parties are of middle-age. The husband of late has been working at South Kirkby Colliery, some 8 miles away, and has been in the habit of coming to his home at Denaby Main at the weekend. He came on as usual on Saturday night, and gave his wife is earning. Shortly afterwards unpleasantness arose between them, and Dransfield was turned out of his home.

They are kept a lodger for some time, and only a few weeks ago Dransfield received the same treatment which he received on Saturday last. This seems to have preyed on his mind, and Sunday afternoon we went to a hotel and got some drink. Then he went home and cut his wife’s throat with a razor, afterwards attempted to cut his own.

A medical man who lives near was speedily fetched, and attended to the sufferers. He put 10 stitches in the woman’s neck, and pronounced her condition very precarious. Dransfield had not inflicted very serious wounds upon himself, for after they were dressed he was apprehended by the police and able to be taken to Doncaster.

On Monday, at the West Riding Court, before Mr W.H.B.Wrightson, W Dransfield, collier was charged with attempting to murder his wife at Denaby on Sunday afternoon.

It appears that prisoner works at South Kirby, and Saturday returned to Denaby for the weekend, but instead of going to his own home he asked a man named John Holmfield if he would allowing to stay at his house will stop the man said he had no objection, if it will not cause any bother between prisoner and his wife.

He remained all night, and about 1 o’clock there were going to have dinner when Holmfield heard his little boy scream, and turning to the door so prisoner’s wife on the doorstep. Prisoner at a pocket knife in his and, and drew it across his wife’s throat. Witness rushed to the prisoner and knocked him down.

Prisoner said to him, “John, I’ve missed, I’ve missed, I’ve missed.” He then ran away and cut his own throat, and when Police constable Truman apprehended him he said, “I hope the – – – is dead.”

Prisoner was remanded until Saturday

Mexborough and Swinton Times April 26 1895

Attempted murder and suicide at Denaby

On Saturday, before a full bench of magistrates, William Dransfield, miner, Denaby, was brought up on remand charged with the attempted murder of his wife and also with attempting to take his own life.

The prisoner is a weekly looking, sullen featured miner, his hair is very sparse and closely cut, and his throat was thickly wrapped in bandages, his injuries not been fully healed.
He was perfectly quiet and attentive.

Dr Gilchrist, called, said he was a surgeon practising at Denaby Main. He had attended injured woman, Mrs Dransfield, but she was still in a doubtful state.
Mr Yarborough: When do you think she will be able to appear?

Witness: Probably next Saturday, if all goes well, that is.

Prisoner on being told he was remanded until tomorrow (Saturday) made no reply.