Trapped Girl’s Mill Ordeal

November 1950

Bradford Observer – Tuesday 21 November 1950

Trapped Girl’s Mill Ordeal

Her workmates marvelled at the pluck of 17-year-old Hazel Cole, of 75, Annerley Street. Denaby who, at Bottoms Mill, Holmfirth, yesterday had her right hand crushed in a drawing machine.

Though in agony, Hazel stood with her hand trapped in the metal spikes of the machine until a doctor was located and could hurry to the mill. She stuck it bravely, but another girl fainted.

When Dr. C. F. J. Carruthers reached the mill he gave the trapped girl whiffs of chloroform until the machine was dismantled. Her ordeal had lasted about half an hour before she was released.

While being taken in an ambulance to Holme Valley. Hospital, she asked: “How is Dorothy ?” referring to the girl who had fainted.

One of the ambulance men said: “I never saw such pluck before. She is a girl in a million.” Last night Hazel was stated to be “fairly comfortable.”