Travelling from Doncaster to Conisborough without a Ticket.

February 1882

Mexborough, Swinton Times, February 10.

Travelling from Doncaster to Conisborough without a Ticket.

Thomas Ramskill, a glassblower of Conisborough and Ezra Chadburn, sickle grinder, of Conisborough, were summoned for committing a breach of the railway bylaws.

Henry Ward, deposed that, on Saturday, the 21st he travelled from Doncaster to Conisborough, and the two defendants were in the same compartment as himself. He saw them leave the train.

Leonard Holmes, clerk in the employ of the company at Conisborough, said he was collecting the tickets on the day in question.

The two defendants went up to him, and Chapman gave him a ticket. He asked the other man for his and he said, “He hasn’t a ticket, he has only come to meet me. He hasn’t come by train.”

Chadburn said he had no intention of defrauding the company. He was only assisting the other defendants to get along, and if it had not been for his (Chadburns) help Ramskill might have lost his life, because he was beastly drunk.

He did not know the man Ramskill before the Saturday in question.

The chairman said the bench had decided to find each defendant five shillings and the costs.