Tresspassing at Conisborough – Damaging Growing Oats

June 1907

Mexborough & Swinton Times, June 15, 1907

Tresspassing at Conisborough.

John Henry Canoline, labourer, Jack Stevenson, pony driver, and M. Brammer, pony driver, all of Conisborough, were summoned by Wm. White Norwood with having damaged growing oats at Conisborough, on 18th May.

Mr J. W. Baddiley stated, for the complainant, that he was at the field at the date mentioned, and saw the defendants coming across the field. He followed them in his trap, and caught one of the lads, who, because giving the names and addresses of the other lads was not summoned.

Brammer was fined 3/– and costs and damage, and the others, being first offenders, where mulcted in 2/6 and costs and the damage.

Mexborough & Swinton Times, June 15, 1907

Drunk and licensed premises at Conisborough.

Francis Wm Keys, glass hand, and Michael Hanbury, miner, both of Conisborough, were charged with being drunk and licensed premises at Conisborough, on June 2nd.

PC Cousans gave evidence, and said he saw the defendants coming from the direction of the working men’s club drunk. They went into the Eagle and Child Inn, where the landlord, on account of their drunken condition, refused them drink.

Witness and PC brearley ordered them of the premises, and told them he would report them.

PC Brearley and Charles Rayner, the landlord of the Eagle and Child in, corroborated.

Keyes was fined 10/– and 8/– costs, and Hanbury 5/– and 8/– costs.