Tribute To Staff  At Conisborough Hospital Meeting

January 1938

Mexborough and Swinton Times January 28, 1938

Tribute To Staff                                  
At Conisborough Hospital Meeting

A tribute to the staff was paid by Mr. A. Cranfield, when giving the report of the Finance Committee meeting at a meeting of the Doncaster and Mexborough Joint Hospital Board at Conisborough Isolation Hospital on Wednesday.

He explained that during the past year an exceptional number of cases had been admitted, but the death rate of 5 per cent, was among the lowest in the country. The doctor, he said, had worked very hard, the matron had suffered from strain, and the nurses had foregone their leisure. The House Committee had suggested that the appreciation of the Board be placed on record, but Mr. Cranfield suggested they consider giving the staff extra holidays in the summer to make up for the extra work.

Mr. Cranfield added that one of the nurses, a Miss Pyott, of Wath, was shortly leaving to get married. Her services had been particularly good and the House Committee had suggested that a bonus be given her in appreciation. The Board decided to make a grant of £10 to her.

The Medical Superintendent (Dr. W. J. Mac lure) reported that during December 87 patients had been admitted,  40 suffering from scarlet fever and 47 from diphtheria. Of this number there was a case of scarlet fever and two or diphtheria from Conisborough, one and two respectively from Mexborough, two scarlet fever and Conisborough Parks, and one of scarlet fever from Sprotbrough, Conisborough UDC sent three patients, Bentley three, Mexborough UDC three, and Adwick le Street UDC 28, Thorne UDC 6, Doncaster RDC 44