Tributes to Heroes

August 1919

Sheffield Evening Telegraph – Tuesday 05 August 1919

Tributes to Heroes

Two very moving spectacles have been furnished in the district during the last few days, and our ex-Service men were the central figures each case, with, by a coincidence, special constables as the background.

The “specials” entertained over 800 discharged men of Denaby and Conisborough, while a similar number of ex sailors and soldiers of Swinton saluted the portrait of Corporal Thomas Norman Jackson, V.C., a portrait provided by the special constables of Swinton.

The Conisborough and Denaby men had no portrait to salute, but they filed past a cenotaph in Coronation Park, and there paid homage to their dead comrades. The perfect discipline of these men, their solemn, quiet mood, and the easy swing of their march, gave them dignity which was not lost on the thousands of beholders.

These ex-Service men if they receive nothing more than common gratitude from their country and their fellow citizens, can be made a splendid national asset. They should be encouraged and supported in every reasonable way.