Trinity Sunday and the Queen’s Anniversary

June 1886

June 25th, 1886.

Trinity Sunday and the Queen’s Anniversary

Sunday last being Trinity Sunday and also the 20th of June, the day on which Her Majesty began her happy reign, the services were held in honour of the day.

There was an early celebration of Holy Communion at 8 o’clock, at the church, many being present. At 10.30 the service commenced with the National Anthem sung by the choir and congregation. The proper hymn, instead of the Venite, was sung by the vicar and choir, the vicar chanting the odd verses and the choir responding with the even ones. The proper psalms were 20, 21, and 101 sung in chants by Monk, Turner, and Woodward. The Athanasian Creed was sung as appointed for Trinity Sunday, the proper suffrages next after the Creed following. The hymn 164 proceeded the Litany, which was intoned by the vicar and choir responding. The hymn before the sermon was 160, the grand Trinity hymn, and after the sermon, hymn 360. The vicar preached an excellent and loyal sermon from St. Peter, 2-1, ‘Honour all men, love the brotherhood, fear, God, honour the King.’ Stainer’s grand ‘Amen’ concluded the service, and the doxology was sung as a recessional. The members of the Pride of Conisboro’ Brass Band and the handsome banner of the club.

The service in the evening was a usual, the Magnificent and Nune Dimittis were sung by the choir, and a grand service by Bethold Tours and the anthem, ‘O give thanks,’ composed by Farebrother, was quite new and suitable for the day. The hymns were 242, 161, 222, and the National Anthem.

The vicar again occupied the pulpit, and preached a most excellent sermon on ‘Intercessions.’ There were very large congregations present at all services who joined heartily with the choir in the singing of the hymns and chants. Great praise is due to the choir for the manner in which they acquitted themselves and for the pains that must have been taken to get the services to the present standard.