Trip From Conisborough.

July 1900

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Friday 27 July 1900

Trip From Conisborough.

On Saturday the employees of Kilner Bros Glass Works, Conisborough, had their award excursion to Liverpool. A considerable number of the workmen, their wives and friends left Conisbrough Station at 4.50 a.m., arriving at Liverpool at 8.30. Most of the visitors at once set off for the Docks and New Brighton, where they spent the day.

The weather kept fine and everybody seemed full of enjoyment, though tired, when the train began its homeward journey at 10 p.m. The parties reached Gotrieborough at 1.30 on Sunday morning.

One gay young spark, of about 60 summers or more, on being asked if he had enjoyed the outing, “Ah! Aw’ve enjoyed mysen nicely but tha knaws, Liverpool isn’t to be compared to Blackpool for life.”