Trouble at Denaby & Cadeby – Revised Price List Wanted – Ballot to be Taken.

February 1901

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Friday 15 February 1901

Trouble at Denaby and Cadeby

Revised Price List Wanted.

Ballot to be Taken.

Yesterday, a rumour gained currency in Mexborough to the effect that a strike was impending at Denaby Colliery.

Inquiries last night elicited the fact that for a considerable time past the miners emloyed at both Burnaby and Cadeby pits have had a grievance, which is associated with the removal of dirt in the process of winning coal. The men felt that they have not been receiving remuneration for the extra work involved, and hence a desire has been expressed for a revised price list.

Meetings have been held to discuss the subject and last night, it was stated that a decision had been arrived at. In pursuance of which a ballot of the miners will be taken to ascertain whether or not they are in favour of a revised price list. Should the result of the ballot show a general desire for a revised list, the and Cadeby Main Colliery Co. Ltd. will be asked to consider the matter, and if they refuse the subject will be further consider by the Yorkshire Miners’ Associations.

There are over 3,300 men and boys employed at the two collieries. It is to be hoped that the differences will be amicably, settled, and that the district will not again be troubled with the unpleasant experiences of 1893.