Two Conisbrough Men – Richardson Thompson and Samuel Hinchcliffe

May 1945

South Yorkshire Times May 5 1945

Two Conisbrough Men

Two Conisbrough men who had been prisoners returned home on Monday evening.

Battery quartermaster Sgt Richardson Thompson, of 18, Conan Road, was taken prisoner on February 5, 1942 at Benghazi. He was handed over to the Italians and was in their hands until Italy capitulated when he was transferred to Germany.

He was in camp just outside Breslau when the Russians approached, and from there was moved about two different camps before accommodation could be found for him and was in Nuremberg when liberated by the Allied armies.

Private Samuel Hinchcliffe of 27 Denaby Avenue, Conanby was taken prisoner on March 1 this year somewhere between the Rhine and the Maas. His captivity was only a short duration for he was liberated by the 7th armoured division and the 15th Scottish on April 16. He arrived in England on Saturday after flying from Germany.