Two Factories Proposed for the Denaby Site

May 1970

South Yorkshire Times, May 23rd, 1970

Two Factories Proposed for the Denaby Site

The Government-owned English Estates Corporation has bid for a seven-acre site in Denaby as a first step towards easing the area’s massive unemployment problem.  The Corporation, an industrial developmental organisation, wants to build two advance factories on a site in Denaby Lane with a view to bringing more jobs into the Mexborough area.

Conisbrough Urban Council has agreed to make the site available so that construction of the factories can go ahead within the next two years.

Coun. Bernard Short, planning committee chairman, told the Council, “This is a very big step in the right direction.  Some details have yet to be settled but even by the most pessimistic calculations building should start within two years and both factories occupied within four years,” he added.

“There is a far greater demand from industrialists for factories in preference to land, and for new buildings in preference to old. The Corporation has had long experience in developing factories, and the designs are normally such that the buildings are readily usable by most industries.”


Coun. Short pointed out that in selecting tenants preference is given to industries which employ most people, and with a higher p[proportion of jobs for men.

The Council and the Doncaster Development Association will suggest tenants to the Corporation.

Coun. Short added, “Fortunately, two years ago, we anticipated that this land had potential and made application for planning permission.  We also conducted the necessary research to prove that the site was marketable.”

Mexborough Employment Exchange manager Mr. Ken Pate, commented “This is good news though it will be a long time before the factories are operational,” he said.

“Recruitment at G.E.C. is helping but two new factories should greatly reduce the problem.  There certainly is a shortage of factories in the Conisbrough area, and these will be very welcome.”

Latest figures issued by the Exchange indicates a small decrease in the number of unemployed – from 1,113 in the Mexborough areas last month to 1,063 this month.