Two Fine Men – Conisbrough Urban Councils’s Tributes

February 1951

South Yorkshire Times, February 24, 1951

Two Fine Men

Conisbrough Urban Council’s Tributes

Tributes were paid at Conisbrough Urban Council meeting on Monday to the late Mr. Harry Thirlwall, for 25 years Conisbrough’s first Surveyor, and to Mr. Richard Dunn, for 10 years Conisbrough’s          Food Executive Officer.

The members stood in silence as a mark of respect.

The Chairman. Coun. G. Oldfield. J.P., said that Mr. Thirlwall’s work in Conisbrough would not readily be forgotten and the undertakings he carried through would be an enduring monument. The community of Conisbrough had suffered a severe loss by his death and the sympathy of the Council went out to his widow and two sons.

County Coun. R. Roberts, J.P. sought the Chairman’s permission to refer to the loss the district had sustained by the death of Mr. Dunn.

Mr. Dunn was described by Coun. J. T. E. Collins as “a real, kindly, charming fellow,” who was determined to use his talents not entirely for himself, but for others. His motto in life was ‘service, not self,’ and he deserved all the fine tributes that had been paid tohim.

“We are much poorer by his passing, and we have lost an exceptionally fine man,” Coun. Collins said.