Men Drowned in Fog At Conisborough – Curious Coincidence.

November 1890

Sheffield Daily Telegraph – Monday 17 November 1890

Two Men Drowned At Conisborough.

Curious Coincidence.

On Saturday night two fatalities drowning occurred during the dense fog which prevailed at Conisborough.

Within a comparatively short time of each other, two men, residents of Cadeby, a village close to Conisborough, and to which access obtained over the ferry on the river Don, lost their way in the fog and fell into the water.

The first, victim was a bricklayer named John Bell, a married man with four children. He was returning home from Conisborough, where had been shopping. He was safely ferried over the Don, but lost the footpath running alongside the canal and fell in. His cries attracted the attention the John Squires, who, however, failed to find out the exact position of the drowning man on account of the density of the fog.

About half-past ten a carter, named John Camm, single man, living with his father, was safely taken across the Don the ferry, but on crossing the land parting the canal from the river he, too, lost his way and fell in.

He was not heard, but being missed at home, he was dragged for at the same time as Bell.

The bodies were recovered yesterday morning.