Typist Killed – Knocked Down by Train at Butterbusk.

February 1928

Mexborough and Swinton Times, February 17, 1928

Typist Killed.
Knocked Down by Train at Butterbusk.

A shocking accident occurred on the L.N.E. railway line, near Butterbusk, on Wednesday, when Grace Aspin, of 28, Copley’ Road, Doncaster, was knocked down and killed by a passenger train travelling from Doncaster to Barnsley.

Miss Aspin was employed as a typist at the stone works of the Conisborough Cliff Company, and, together with another employee, Miss Nellie Nicholson, also of Doncaster, had crossed the line to an office on tale other side. She was returning when the accident occurred.

A goods train was approaching from Barnsley to Doncaster, and the noise of its engine and of the wind apparently deadened the sound of the passenger train, which was travelling in the opposite direction, and was upon the girls before they realised its proximity.

Miss Nicholson was clear of the line, but her companion was caught by the engine. An improvised stretcher was obtained, and, Miss Aspin was taken to Mexborough station, and from there to the Montagu hospital, but she was dead on arrival.

An inquest will be held to-day.