Unavoidable Street Accident at Denaby – Sudden Dash – Boy Killed.

September 1930

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Friday 5 September 1930

Boy Killed.

Unavoidable Street Accident at Denaby.

Sudden Dash.

The death of Leslie Bulcroft (4), son of George William Bulcroft, miner, 64 Doncaster Road, Denaby, was inquired into at the Fullerton Hospital on Saturday by Mr. Marshall (deputy coroner) and a Jury, who found that death was accidental and that no blame was attached to the driver of the car concerned in the accident which resulted in the child’s death. T

The child was stated to have crossed the road from his home last ‘Wedneeday afternoon to spend a half penny at a shop on the opposite side. Returning, he darted off the footpath right in the track of an Austin 20 saloon driven by Harold Downing, Burcroft Cottage, Conisboro’ who swerved and braked sharply, but failed to avoid the child, who died on Friday morning in the Fullerton Hospital from shock consequent on a fracture of the base of the skull.

The only eye-witness of the accident was the driver, Downing.

James Henry Gomersal, miner, Doncaster Road, who leaving his house when the thing happened. was able to state that he saw the car swerve, and that it pulled up practically in its length. The driver was just jamming on his brakes, and it was that which first drew witness’s attention. He did not see the till after the car had paused on. The car travelling from Conisboro’ towards Mexboro’. A doctor could not be got hold of immediately, but within a few minutes the child was taken to the hospital by an ambulance man in a car.

Downing said he was travelling Conisboro to Mexboro’ to a funeral. It was shortly before two when the accident occurred. He was travelling at 12 to 15 miles an hour. There was no other traffic about at the time, end he was travelling in the left of the middle of the road, with his his wheels practically on the middle. He did not see the child at all till it darted of causeway on his near side, not more than 20 feet sway. The child ran diagonally, wards the car, He applied the front brakes, and immediately swerved to his left, in the hope that the child might manage to pass safely behind. But his front off-side mudguard struck the child, spun him round, and dropped him on the road. Witness pulled in a car length and immediately got down, Another car which was following took child to hospital, while witness stopped see the child’s parents.

Dr. J. McArthur, who saw the child on admission to the Fullerton Hospital, said there were abrasions all over the body sad a fractured base of the skull, which was the cause of the shock which resulted in death.

The Coroner said it was always unfortunate for everyone concerned when there was no independent witness, but Mr. Downing had given his evidence clearly, and appeared to have done everything possible to prevent the accident.

Downing offered his condolences, at the same time offering his hand, which the bereaved father warmly shook.

“It’s the first accident I’ve had in my time and I hope it’ll be the last.” The father replied, “Hard luck, old chap.”