‘Unclean’ Children – Conisbro’ Headmaster Is Perturbed

November 1955

South Yorkshire Times Nov 5, 1955

‘Unclean’ Children
Conisbro’ Headmaster Is Perturbed.

Mr. J. Proctor (Conisbrough) told Mexborough Education Executive last night that he was ‘perturbed’ at the high percentage of children who were found to be ‘unclean’ after medical examination.

He commented on a report given by Dr. B. R. A. Demaine, Deputy School Medical Officer for the Mexborough, Conisbrough and Dearne Health Division, that of 3,788 children examined, 310 were ‘unclean.’ Mr. Proctor said: ‘It is rather shameful.’

Dr. Demaine said: ‘Yes. Unfortunately the number always goes up after the summer holidays.’

Ald. M. Creighton, J.P. (Swinton) asked: ‘Is it like this all over the Division? I am inclined to think that it must be worse in one area than in another.’ Dr. Demain replied: ‘It is general.’

She added that it was worse in Modern Schools.

Mrs. G. Tanser (Mexborough) said it was ‘tragic’ that parents had not taken heed of the advice given by the Executive in numerous appeals through the Press.