Underground Riding at Denaby

December 1905

Mexborough and Swinton Times December 9, 1905

Underground Riding at Denaby

James Cooper, driver, Denaby, was charged with a breach of special rule number four, and Edward Feeney. Driver, Denaby, was charged with disobeying special rule number 90, at the Denaby Main colliery, on November 23

Mr Gichard, for the prosecution, said Cooper was charged with having driven a carf in which somebody else was riding, and Feeney was charged with committing an act likely to endanger his own safety by riding in the corf.

Defendants were fined 5/- and 9/- costs.

Thomas Forde, Fred Wilde, and William Mickleboro all pony drivers of Denaby, were charged withriding in a car underground, at Denaby, at Denaby colliery on November 24

They were fined fined 5/- and 9/- costs each.

John Henshaw, driver, Denaby, Albert Etchells, driver, Denaby, and Anthony Quinn. xller, Denaby, were all convicted of similar offences, on November, 23rd, and were also fined 6/- and 9/- costs.