Ungrateful Denaby Main Miners

July 1895

Mexborough and Swinton Times July 5, 1895

Doncaster County Court.
Ungrateful Denaby Main Miners.

On Saturday at the Doncaster county court, Mr John Dixon, check weighman of the Denaby Main colliery, sued Charles Crooks, John Large, Thomas Mincher, Thomas Vaughan, John Simpson, Thomas Humphries, Arthur Calladine, James Wilson, joe Cain, Henry Jenkins, Zachariah Layster, Wm. Jenkins, George Fearne, George Coulson, Ezekiel Brown, Benjamin Stone, Arthur Whitehouse, Jon Cocksidge, Thomas White, Cornelius Perks, John Higgins, John Cubley, Fred Toff, Joseph Casteron, Thomas lyons, Robert Ramshaw, Alfred Snipe, David Grindle, James Hickman, Humphrey Boon, and William Reilly, all being miners, employed by the Denaby Main colliery Company.

Mr Dickson stated at the commencement that during the local Coal War of 1893 he and his committee borrowed upwards of £1000 from the local tradesmen and others to assist the miners of Denaby Main during that severe struggle.

They had all signed their hand to honourably  pay back what was advanced to them. A number of them seemed disinclined to pay their amounts without being compelled, and that was a cause of the present action.

Debts ranged from 7s. To £2.

Judgement in each case was obtained, the money to be paid at the rate of 4s. Per Month.