Unique Wesleyan Social Evening at Conisborough (videos)

February 1906

Mexborough and Swinton Times February 10, 1906

Unique Social Evening at Conisborough

the Conisborough Wesleyan’s are endeavouring to raise money towards the building of a new vestry, and with this object in view Mr W.J.Ward organises social evening, which took place in Wesleyan School room on Thursday in last week.

There was a large attendance, with 150 been present, Mr H.L.Smethurst presided.

An interesting programme was gone through. The feature of the evening was a brass band contest between the ladies brass band and “Zousa’s brass band,” which created much amusement. The fun was excruciating, and the company voted for the best band, the ladies winning easily.

Mrs Herbert Downing, the leader of the ladies than, was awarded a huge wooden cup, and Mr J.H.Brocklesby, who conducted Zousa’s band, was presented with a wooden spoon.

The following were the other items on the programme:

Piano solo: Valse Caracteristque, Miss Amy Wilson

Song “Well a day,” Miss Stella Clarkson

Recitation, “A new years resolves,” Miss Lydia

A double quartet, “Lullaby,” “Sweet and low”; song “The heart of the storm,” Mr George Marlboro

Vocal duet,” Come away,” Mrs Edith and Louisa Ellis

Recitation, “King Robert of Sicily,” Mr George Brocklesby

Burlesque song, “The lost sheep on the mountains,” Mr John Bennett

Recitation, “Hamlet’s soliloquy,” Mr W.J.Ward

Piano duet Messes William Ellis and J.H.Brocklesby

“10 minutes mystifying,” Mr George Brocklesby, who gave a capital entertainment.

At the conclusion of the program and excellent supper was served and this terminated a very successful evening.


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