Unprovoked Assault at Conisbrough

January 1906

Mexborough and Swinton Times January 20, 1906

Unprovoked Assault at Conisbrough

James Burke, miner of new Conisbrough, was summoned for assaulting Simon Keidon, at Conisbrough, on January 6th.

Complainant said that in January 6 he called at a house of Mrs Beavers to collect some money. While he was waiting in the house defendant was a lodger, came down and told him to quit.

Complainant said, “I do not know what you mean by quit,” and defendant replied, “I mean get outside or I’ll chuck you out; there’s no money for you here.”

He then knocked witness down and put his foot on this chest, and again knocked him about.

Gertrude Dawson, a little girl in the employ of Mrs Beavers, corroborated

PC Wailes said he saw complainant, and his face and hands were covered with blood.

The assault had been entirely unprovoked.

Complainant said he had never seen defendant before.

A fine of 10 shillings and 15/6 costs was inflicted.