Unprovoked Assault at New Conisborough – Lost Four Teeth

March 1906

Mexborough and Swinton Times 10 March 1906

Unprovoked Assault at New Conisborough

A new Conisborough filler, named Stephen Coleman, who did not appear, was summoned by John Charles Goodwin, for having assaulted him at his home on 24th of February.

The complainant stated, that on the date in question, about 10:15 PM, he was in his own house along with his wife, his eldest daughter and James Littlewood, a lodger when the defendant came rushing into the house. He was a stranger to them, but told them that he and another man and been in a bother in one of the streets and bearing one of his arms he said, “That’s where the – – – – bit me.”

He (complainant) thereupon got up and told him that if there are been any bother outside they wanted none in there, and told him to go. The defendant made no more to do, but went for the complainant, striking him in the mouth and forehead, knocking him to the floor. When he was on the floor he kicked him unmercifully, making him black and blue as well as kicking him four teeth out.

The defendant was ultimately ejected by witnesses’ wife and daughter and Littlewood.

In consequence of the assault he had been off work three days, and was for a week under the care of Dr McClure. Several things in the house were damaged, including an armchair, which was broken, a kitchen lamp, a set of jugs and other useful articles. When they got the defendant out of the back door, he rushed round to the front, and notwithstanding that it was bolted and locked he burst it open. The damage amounted to 2 pounds altogether.

James Littlewood gave corroborative evidence.

PC Wales said at 10:50 pm he was on duty in New Conisborough, making enquiries respecting a man who had been assaulted by the defendant. He was called into the prosecutor’s house, and found Goodwin bleeding from the mouth, while he was also complained about pains in his head. He said he had been assaulted by two men who he did not know. Witness made enquiries and found it was Coleman, who when he served the summons upon said “he was sorry.”

Mary Goodwin wife are the complainant gave evidence bearing out the testimony of the complainant.

PC Wales said defendant was a single man and had resided in Denaby about a week.