Unscheduled Event in Denaby Baths Gala.

September 1955

South Yorkshire Times September 17, 1955

Unscheduled Event in Denaby Baths Gala.

Although the last event had finished at the Don and Dearne Boy Scouts annual swimming gala in Denaby Baths on Saturday night, dozens of scouts were still diving into the deep end.

They were looking for a gold ring which had slipped off the finger of 13 year old Michael Fletcher, of Carmarthen Road, Mexborough, a competitor in the diving for plates event. The ring was given to Michael by his mother two years ago.

But none of his fellow scouts could find the ring and the Bath’s manager (Mr C. Rich) could not find in the filter on Sunday. He said it would probably not be found until the Baths changed over to dancing next week.