Unusual Accident

November 1936

Mexborough and Swindon Times November 27, 1936

Unusual Accident

An unusual accident happened on New Road on Tuesday, fortunately without serious consequences.

George Sanderson (31), Strafford Terrace Denaby Main, was driving a motor lorry owned by the Denaby Main Industrial Cooperative Society Ltd, down New Hill, when a break in the front axle released a wheel, which rolled from the vehicle and crashed into a window of the Post Office. It then rebounded into the opposite window and scattered glass about the Post Office.

The only person in the office was the postmistress Mrs Dobson, who was in the telephone cabinet dictating a message. Some glass fell near to her, but had she been in the normal position in the office on the other side of the counter she might have been injured by flying glass which fell there. The motor driver was also unhurt.