Urban Powers – A Third Attempt ?

June 1908

Mexborough and Swinton Times June 27, 1908

The question of considering the advisability of making a third attempt to obtain urban powers was again discussed at the monthly meeting of the Parish Council on Monday evening..

The two previous attempts have resulted in two failures, but despite their reboots, the “new blood” of the Council are anxious to try again and prove to the Local Government Board that they are entitled to handle their own reins of government.

At the first effort the whole of the area of the Conisborough Parish was included in the proposal, and the County Council, after an their inquiry, the cost which was defrayed by private subscription, who found the Parish Council in their opinion, but the Local Government Board, were falsely granting of the powers sought for.

There was a greater determination in evidence on the second application, and with a view to obtaining success the area was rearranged, Cadeby being excluded. Those interested worked assiduously, and monetary offerings were again acknowledged towards defraying the expense of the inquiry.

The County Council again agree with the parish’s proposal, personification been laid before the Local Government Board, influential opposition was forthcoming from the Denaby Colliery Co Ltd, who successfully negatived the proposal.

In any succeeding further application for Urban District powers the colliery company will certainly provide red-hot opposition.

Taking everything into consideration, Conisborough is thoroughly entitled to Urban powers. The area of the district is much wider, and the population also larger than several other Urban areas in the surrounding neighbourhood.