Urban Powers for Conisboro’

March 1920

Mexborough and Swinton  Times, March 13, 1920 

Urban Powers for Conisbrough
The Local Ambition Realised
Denaby Main and Cadeby Colliery Included
Conisbrough Parks and Clifton excluded
Five Wards Formed

The West Riding general purposes committee submitted to the West Riding County Council on Wednesday a lengthy report on the recent enquiry into the application of the Conisbrough Parish Council for a order constituting the Parish of Conisbrough and parts of the parishes of Denaby Main and Cadeby, an urban district.

The history of previous applications, the character and contents of the district detail, the arguments submitted to the enquiry review, and the following conclusions reached:

That the Committee are unanimously of opinion that an Urban District should be constituted, and the question now arises what areas should be included in the District.

The committee are clear, as were the two earlier Committees, that Old Conisbrough should be included. The case for inclusion is stronger than it was in 1900. The population has increased and developments have taken place in the area between Old Conisbrough and Denaby Main, and the two centres are more closely bound together.

The requirements of Urban Districts or more exacting than heretofore, and the combined district with its greater population and rateable value will make for stronger local Administration.

The southern portion of the township of Conisbrough, comprising Conisbrough Parks, the village of Clifton, and the agricultural area adjacent, contains some 3000 acres in the population of under 300. It remains mainly agricultural as it was in 1900.

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