Urban Powers – Postponed

January 1916

Yorkshire Post, January 4, 1916


So the Conisborough urban powers question has been shelved for the period of the war after all, and the County Council have realised the futility and the frivolity of concerning itself with municipal reconstruction at this time.

The ambition of the Conisborough Parish Council and its popular backing is not scotched, but its impatience is curbed. There is no doubt that the Council have been very hard at work in the preparation of a sound case, and it is a little annoying to be put off by the judicial authority to an indefinite date.

At the same time had the enquiry taken place on January 20 as arranged, the application would have been just as resolutely fought as it will be when the war is over, and we are given, once more, leisure to examine the nonessential things of life.

The opposition of the Denaby and Cadeby collieries Ltd will, I understand, be very strongly backed by private property owners, for whom the guilt of the new era is taken off by the prospects of inevitably higher rates.