Urban Powers

October 1900

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Friday 19 October 1900

Urban Powers

The question of  urban powers has been very quiet for some time now but this week, copies of the order of the Council Council, constituting this district into an urban district have poster throughout the proposed area. This week has also seen great activity among the opponents of this scheme down at Denaby Main.

The Denaby people have being going with a petition against this scheme, and I am told it has been largely signed by the inhabitant of Denaby Main. The Denaby people do not intend to leave a stone unturned in order to try and get there scheme rejected by the Local Government Board, and the question now being discussed is “Will the Denaby people be successful?”

If go down Denaby way and ask the question with the people they tell you they are confident that, with the opposition and the overwhelming evidence they bring, the Local Government will not confirm the order of the County Conned. It is said that there is not a single supporter of this Conisborough’ scheme, either in Denby Main or Cadeby, and if that is so, then that fact will have great weight with the Local government Board, because it has been proved in several cases, the Government are very loath to put anything on to a district that does not wish it.

The Conisborough supporters of this scheme are just as confident that this order will be confirm as the Denaby people are that it will be rejected. Conisborough people contend that the various intends of this proposed urban area are so bound together that they camnot in all fairness, be separated. The colliery has been the chief cause of the large increase of “rates” in Conisborough and they have a perfect right to be included in this scheme. Another strong point the Conisborough’ people have is the fact that this scheme has been confirmed by the County Council, which composed of gentlemen who are thoroughly conversant with the district.

In any case Conisborough may expert to have once more to fight the usual formidable opposition.