Vaccination Cases.

September 1899

Sheffield Evening Telegraph – Saturday 30 September 1899

Vaccination Cases.

At the Doncaster West Riding Police Court, this morning, several persons were summoned for the disobedience of vaccination orders.

Mr. Tovey (who appeared for Henry Wallace, the vaccination officer) remarked that the cases gave a great of trouble to the officers, which trouble could be saved the getting of exemption certificates.

There were three charges against. Edward Baker, butcher, Conisborough, who said he had very great objection to calf lymph.

Chairman: You ought have got exemption order. Defendant: I didn’t know the law.

A penalty of 20s. including costs was imposed each case.

Joseph Roodhouse, shoemaker, of Conisborough, objected to having his child vaccinated, he had lost two by vaccination. A similar penalty was inflicted.

Albert Barlow, miner, Denaby, said two of his children had died through vaccination. He had three children that had been vaccinated, and they were’nt half so healthy the one he was summoned for. He believed it injurious. There ┬áhad been no public notice that they had to apply for exemption certificates

A fine of 20s. including costs was imposed.

William Tibetot Tiptaft, a member of the Mexborough Urban District Council, was summoned in respect of three children.

The defendant admitted the liability as to one child, and explained that he had obtained exemption orders for the other two children, but they weren’t returned to the vaccination officer within the seven days, he had sent them the Medical Officer by mistake.

The Chairman ordered defendant to pay 20s. including costs in one case, and the costs in the other two cases.

Elizabeth Ann Hobson, dressmaker, and Thomas Chambers, greengrocer, both of Mexborough, were each ordered pay 20s. including costs for similar offences.