Very Happily Settled in Zambia (picture)

January 1967

South Yorkshire Times January 21, 1967

Very Happily Settled in Zambia

Mr and Mrs Dennis Jolley and their daughter, Heather, who last April went out to Kitwe in Zambia, have settled down very happily in their new surroundings.

Mr Jolley had for nine years been a skip winder at Cadeby colliery, and left this country to become a winder at the Mindola copper mines in Zambia. For this work he had to sit examinations which he passed and he is very happy in his work out there. In letters to his parents, Mr and Mrs A. Jolley, of 17, Walmsley Street, Denaby Mane, he says they have a lovely bungalow, have made many friends and it is a lovely country, he refers in his letters to “Christopher and Ann” (no surname) to people they have met who hail from Thurnscoe and says they have very happy times together

Mr and Mrs Jolley (sen.) and members of their family have some beautifully carved ebony statuettes of figures and animals sent by Dennis and family and Mr Jolley is also the proud possessor of a Witch Doctor’s juju medicines stick, the genuine article! To each of his stepsisters who lives in Conisbrough Mr Jolley has sent a carved elephant in black ebony with ivory tusks.

He and his wife have many friends in Denaby Main and district who will be pleased to hear of their success and Mr and Mrs Dennis Charlie and their daughter Heather, through this medium, send to them all greetings and good wishes for 1967. They keep in touch with local news through their “South Yorkshire Times,” which is sent to them each week by their parents, Mr and Mrs Jolley (sen.) who have tape recordings which give them a great deal of pleasure enabling them, as they do, to hear the voices of the Jolley family.