Vicar Leaving – Denaby to Swinefleet

June 1956

South Yorkshire Times, June 2nd, 1956

Vicar Leaving.
Denaby to Swinefleet.

On Sunday the Vicar, the Rev. A. V. Roebuck announced to his parishioners that he had accepted the living if Swinefleet, near Goole and would be leaving the parish towards the end of August to take over his new duties.

Mr, Roebuck came to Denaby Main from St. Luke’s Church, Rossington, (then a conventional disrtiet) in December 1949 and Denaby Main was his first Vicariate. He arrived in time to take over the strenuous duties of preparing for the preparations of the Golden Jubilee of the church held in 1950 and with the help of the church officials a fine programme was arranged and a very interesting illustrated brochure was produced to mark the occasion.

Both Mr. and Mrs. Roebuck entered into their work with zest and have always taken a great interest in the work of the parish and many ideals have been achieved during their stay, including the installation of stained glass windows, placed in the Lady Chapel, one as a war memorial and one given by Mrs. McArthur and family, in memory of the late Dr. John McArthur. The stained glass ‘Lights’ were placed over the altar in the Lady Chapel in memory of Mr. T. Peters (churchwarden), by his widow, one for Mr. and Mrs. Blacklock (given by the family) and one for Dr. John McArthur which with a new Sanctuary Chair (for the use of the Bishop) was installed by public subscriptions.

It had been suggested during the incumbency of the previous Vicar the Rev. M. Clark, that the church should again be fenced round and this has been completed since Mr. Roebuck came to Denaby Main. It is estimated that over £1,500 has been spent in beautifying the church by the special gifts and efforts. In addition to the stained glass windows the Lady Chapel has been completely furnished with new chairs, carpets, altar rails, etc. (all given as memorials) and new carpets have been placed in the Sanctuary, Chancel, and the full length of the aisle and numerous other gifts and memorials have been provided such as a communion chalice and paten, brass altar vases, books, lectern and pulpit falls etc.

The old Mission Hall in Blythe Street was re-opened for a Sunday School (which is thriving) and much money was pent to make the place habitable and later this was given the name of St. Chad’s (after the first church in Denaby).

The interior of the church was decorated and it had been the hope of Mr. Roebuck before he left that the roofing woodwork would be specially attended to and treated against woodworm, but that is an item which will now have to be passed on for further consideration by the Parochial Council and the new incumbent.

Mr. Roebuck has received splendid assistance from his father (Mr. E. Roebuck of Rawmarsh) who has done much work in a quiet way for the improvement and decoration of the church and vicarage. Together they removed the paint from the window over the High Altar and Mr. Roebuck (Senior) also painted the organ casing.

Both Mr. and Mrs. Roebuck have been zealous workers with the various organisations of the church. Mrs. Roebuck has been the enrolling member of the Mothers’ Union and has also worked with the Young Members, Group, the Youth Group, G.F.S. And Sunday school.

On several occasions Mr. and Mrs. Roebuck have organised holidays for the young members of the church and supervised their camps.

They will take the good wishes of all their parishioners for happiness and success in their new parish.