Violent Conisbrough Miner.

July 1907

Mexborough and Swinton Times July 27, 1907

Violent Conisborough Miner

On Monday, at Doncaster, John Thomas Woodward, collier, new Conisborough, was charged with gaming with cards, assault on the police, and for using obscene language.

PC Wailes said that on the 20th inst, in Blyth Street, the prisoner, along with several other boys and youths, where gaming with cards. They watched them for five minutes, and saw money change hands. They made towards them, and PC Wailes asked the prisoner for his name and address. Without giving any warning, he struck him (PC Wailes) a violent blow in the mouth, knocking him to the ground. While in that position he (prisoner) tried to kick him, but failed.

PC Cousans, who was with witness, closed with prisoner, who made several attempts to strike him. They conveyed the prisoner to Conisbrough police station, and on the way he used obscene language when there were several persons about. The prisoner was ringleader of the gaming.

PC Cousans corroborated.

Prisoner pleaded guilty to gaming and using obscene language, but he said he never struck the officer.

Prisoner was fined 10s for gaming and costs, and for the assault £1 and 4/5 costs: for the third offence (obscene language) 2/6 and 6/6 costs.