Violent Denaby Miner Warned Constable

March 1911

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Saturday 25 March 1911

Violent Denaby Miner Warned Constable

“Speak the truth, Mr Barnes. Tha’ knows God is here. Thus in solemn tones did a young new Conisborough miner named Edward Bedford say to PC Barnes.

Bedford was charged, to having been drunk and disorderly with assaulting the police and with getting drunk and refusing to quit the Denaby Main Hotel.

He pleaded guilty to the first charge, but the desired in God’s presence, to say that the others were false.

The officer, named, on Monday night was called to a disturbance outside the Denaby Main Hotel. Bedford was drunk and kicking up a row. He told the officer his name was Peter the Painter, and followed up the information with a blow in the mouth. When the officer got one on the forehead, he closed with the miner, and they rolled over and over on the ground. He kicked the officer on the knee and ripped his trousers. Messagers were dispatched for PC Rutter and with their assistance of this officer, PC Barnes managed to put the bracelets on. There was a big crowd about.

Defendant asked the officer if he believed in God.

Mr W I Gibbs, licensee of the Denaby Main Hotel, spoke to having Bedford forcibly ejected from the large tap room. He returned a few minutes later and inquired for “Iron” Hague. (Laughter.) A friend took him out.

Samuel Charles Cooper, Barman, spoke to Beckford’s drunken conduct.

He was given 14 days for the assault on the police and find 6/6 on each of the other charges, with the option of another fortnight.