“Scrap” in the Dark at Cadeby Main – Virulent Conisborough Miner (adjourned)

August 1895

Mexborough and Swinton Times August 2 1895

A Virulent Miner from Conisborough.

Robt. Ramshaw, miner, Conisborough, was charged with an assault upon Charley Booth, miner, on the 24th

Complainant deposed that on the day in question he and the defendant were down the Cadeby Main pit together. The defendant was his trammer. The defendant asked the complainant to go on a certain errand for him, which complainant refused to do, the request being one which the defendant had no business to make to him.

Upon this the defendant picked up several stones from a stone heap close by and threw them at the complainant, one of which gave him a severe blow upon the leg. He then struck him with his fist in the face knocking him down. Nothing happened after that. He was also struck in the body.

The defendant also make use of threats, saying that if the complainant persecuted him he will put him in the canal. He had not been able to bring any witnesses owing to the defendants threats, but said he would do so next week if the case was adjourned, which was done, the defendant paying the costs.