Vital Statistics – Births and Deaths

July 1936

Mexborough and Swinton Times July 10, 1936

Vital Statistics

During the quarter just ended there were 40 female and 37 female births, equal to an annual rate of 18.1 per 1000 against of the country of 16.5

There were 26 male and 21 female deaths, equal to a rate of 10.6 her 1000 against that for the country of 11.7 there were four deaths of infants under one year, giving infantile mortality rate of 50 per 1000, against out of the country of 61 per 1000.

Over one year of age the deaths were true to convulsions two, cerebral haemorrhage seven, pneumonia two, cancer free, heart disease nine, Pulmonary tuberculosis one, bronchitis five, arteria sclerosis one, accidental four, and the decline to Caesar’s nine. Infectious diseases notified were diphtheria seven, Scarlet Fever nine, puerperal fever one, pneumonia 8, ophthalmic neonaterum one, pulmonary tuberculosis 8.

The diphtheria and scarlet fever cases were all removed to the isolation hospital.