Wages and Dole – Denaby Relief Waiters Sent To Prison.

December 1931

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Friday 18 December 1931

Wages and Dole.

Denaby Relief Waiters Sent To Prison.

Alleged ignorance of the regulations concerning unemployment benefit led to two Denaby men, George A. Moore and James Park, appearing before the Doncaster West Riding magistrates on Tuesday on charges of having unlawfully obtained benefit. Both men pleaded “Guilty.”

Mr. C. R. Marshall, prosecuting on behalf of the Ministry of Labour, said that in the case of Moore the offence was committed on Sept. 4th, when he made a declaration that he was unemployed, whereas on August 28th and 29th he had been employed by a Mr. Dinsdale at the Denaby Main Hotel. He first applied for benefit in April and renewed the application in June and on various other dates between then anti August. When a man applied for benefit it was pointed out to him that he could not draw benefit for any day when he was employed. It was indicated on the form that odd jobs, whether remunerated in money or kind must be taken into account. A man could follow subsidiary employment, which implied work that could be done in addition to his normal work, at any time, provided he did not get more than 3/4 per day for it. If this was done, however, the Labour Exchange must be informed.

Moore said he followed no subsidiary occupation. His normal occupation was that of a barman. He continued to draw benefit, and it was subsequently ascertained that on certain dates, including Aug, 28th and 29th, he had worked as a barman at the Denaby Main Hotel, when he earned 3/6 each evening. Although he was only charged in respect of these dates he had been guilty of the same offence on numerous other dates, and the total amount of benefit wrongfully obtained was £5 2s. 8d., at the rate of 5/4 per day.

Defendant said he was married and had three children.

The Chairman (Mr. W. Hinchcliffe): Why did you do it?—I did not think I was doing anything wrong.

The Chairman: Did you not read that form “:—Yes, but I was going on that 3 /4 per day.

Defendant explained that he was working at the Denaby Main Hotel while members of the staff were ill or on holiday.

The Chairman: We cannot depart from our usual custom. You will be committed to prison for a month.

In the case of Parks, Mr. Marshall said the offence was committed on Aug. 27th, and the defendant had had subsidiary employment as a waiter at the Denaby Main Hotel. He applied for benefit in June and subsequently renewed his application. On Aug. 21st and find he received 5s. and 3/6, and in respect of these dates was paid 4/4 per day unemployment benefit. The total amount of benefit wrongfully obtained was £5 4s from June 12th to the end of August.

Defendant, who said he was married and had a son aged 24, remarked that he thought he was doing right.

He was committed for a month.