Soldier – Walker, Tommy – Miner’s Lodger Dies

March 1916

Mexborough & Swinton times, March 22, 1916

Denaby Miners Sad News
How His Lodger Died

Sgt George Ashford of 16, Maltby Street, Denaby Main, now serving with the 176th tunnelling company (R.E.) in France, writes us as follows:

“I have just been reading the Mexborough and Swinton Times, lent me by one of our officers, Lieut. Hough, who comes from Hickleton Main and worked at Cadeby Main for three or four years.

Will you announce the death of number 10787, Private Tommy Walker, second South Staffs. He Lodged with me at 16 Maltby Street, Denaby Main, and worked with me. He was called upn mobilisation, and was formerly a member of the Yorkshire Miners Association.

He was killed at 5.30 o’clock on the morning of March 13th. I was with him in the trench at 5.25, and 5 minutes later he was shot through the right ear by an explosive bullet from a sniper.

He was well known in Mexborough, Denaby and Conisbrough, for his singing and everybody will be sorry to hear of his death. He died like a soldier at his post, and I saw him buried myself in what was once a colliery village, but is now a heap of ruins. He is buried in a French military graveyard, and I put a wreath on his grave. The grave is about 30 yards from my billet.

I myself have been out since the beginning of the war, and had been once wounded. I was with the 2nd York and Lancaster then, but when I returned I was transferred to this tunnelling company. We keep blowing the Germans up all right. There are only 30 yards between us and the Germans, so we get it very hot at times.

I am expecting a home furlough any day.