War meeting at Conisborough

Mexborough and Swinton Times March 13, 1915

War meeting at Conisborough.

Under the auspices of the Imperial Maritime League a meeting was held in the church hall on Thursday Last.. Mr Crawshaw presided. A number of slides were shown, including portraits of the Czar of Russia, Emperor of Japan, King of the Belgians, President Poincarre, Earl Roberts, Lord Kitchener, General French, and other prominent soldiers and sailors connected with the Allies.

Slides illustrating stirring scenes on land and Sea were heartily appreciated by the audience. Mr. Crawshaw explained that he had been asked to pre-side in place of Col Somerville, his absence was owing to it death in his family.

He explained the urgent need of recruits still required if victory was to be assured and a lasting peace established.

Mr. Keen, the lecturer gave lucid description of the pictures, and his remarks were listed to with rapt attention. He emphasised the gravity of the situation, and appealed to the young men of Conisbrough to enlist and see that the war was brought to a successful issue. He thanked Mr. Henderson for his services with the lanturn. Mr. Ogley, C. C., proposed the vote of thanks to Mr. Chadwick keen for his excellent lecture and was sure it must have had in educational influence on those present to do their utmost to enable the governments to bring the war to a successful conclusion.

Councillor Appleyard seconded, and remarked that several Conisbrough families had contributed four all more members to the service of their country, whilst others had made no response so far. Conisbrough had responded well on the whole, and he asked them to make further sacrifices and answer their country’s call.

Lieut. Barry as the young men present if they expected the war to end in a win or a draw. He said he had accepted a commission at the commencment of the war and his eldest son had also joined the forces. On his recent visit he had obtained several recruits, and he helped to enlist more. Those who shirked their duties now would be looked upon with disdain where peace was achieved.
The Rev. W. A. Strawbridge proposed the vote of thanks to Mr. Crawshaw, to Mr. Keene and the other speakers who had taken part in the meeting. He stated that 40 or more young men formerly connected with the church had responded to the call. He asked the elder people present to use their influence upon the young men who were eligible and could respond to the call.

Councillor. W. H. Jones seconded, stating that their elder persons could respond in many ways, such as attending then to the needs of the men at the front and in the caring for those left behind. He also expressed his pleasure at Mr. Crawshaw’s presence amongst them, and who was a director of one of the chief sources of employment in Conisbrough.

Mr Crawshaw and Mr F. Keane briefly responded, and the meeting closed by the singing of the National anthem.