War Memorial Park to be Flowered Again (picture)

November 1946

South Yorkshire Times November 2, 1946

For five years the delightful War Memorial Park at Denaby has of necessity worn a wartime dress of leeks, carrots, potatoes, onions, beetroot and parsnip, but this utilitarian wardrobe of drabness is soon to be shed.


In due course residents of the Conisbrough urban area – and farther afield – will be able to enjoy the scent of flowers, Mr Cyril Rich, the Urban Council Parks Superintendent, told us on Tuesday that his staff were expected to commence in the very near future the first steps towards this transformation. This will consist of seeding the existing bed, which since 1941 been turned over to the production of vegetable, and also alter their size and shape to suit the cultivation of flowers.

“The produce we have obtained from the Park,” said Mr Rich, “with produce obtained from other areas under cultivation by the Parks Department, went, in the first place to the British Restaurant while it was still in existence and since then to the school canteens (very lately in this direction) and also to the pit canteens. In addition we have just lifted approximately 50 tons of potatoes from the Crookhill field at Conisbrough.”