Warmsworth Link

June 1920

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Saturday 26 June 1920

Warmsworth Link

The Parish Council has decided to appeal to the Doncaster Corporation to link up Conisboro’ with the Warmsworth tram terminus be the inauguration of a motor-‘bus service between the two places.

Such a scheme if carried out, would prove of great benefit to the people of Conisboro’ and would probably make Doncaster a much more serious rival to Mexboro’ as a shopping centre.

There is now running a motor – bus service between the two places, but this is run exclusively for the convenience of those residents of Conisboro’ who work at the Yorkshire Main Colliery, and, moreover, it is a private venture. Corporations have not the same freedom to embark upon undertakings as have privately promoted companies, so that even if the Corporation of Doncaster were willing to admit the suggestion made by our Parish Council, in all probability they would have to obtain the sanction of Parliament.

I trust the Corporation will consider the suggestion favourably.