Water Divining Near Conisborough – Gratifying Results of Operations

April 1905

Mexborough and Swinton Times April 29, 1905

Water Divining Near Conisborough
Gratifying Results of Operations

At the instigation of Mr Thistlewoold, of the firm of Messes Thistlewood and Co., well sinkers, Doncaster, an experiment in water divining was made in November last on the estate of Lady Yarbrough, at Clifton, near Conisborough.

Mr B Tomkins, professional water diviner of Woolly Manor, Huntingdon, was employed and in the presence of a large party of experts, including engineers, and pit sinkers, he made a survey of several fields, finally fixed upon a spot where he declared that water will be found at 50 feet, and a full supply at 90 or 100 feet. Indeed he indicated the actual head of the spring.

Lady Yarbrough was anxious that her tenants should have an ample supply of pure water, and the scheme was cordiall entered into by her agent Mr Cole of Doncaster.

Mr Thistlewood recently commenced boring operations and his confidence in the expert has been abundantly rewarded. A supply of 500 gallons a day would have been ample, but after boring 57 feet, supply equal to 4175 gallon today as been obtained. A window and pump will be erected over the well by the firm, and an ample supply of good water will be obtained in a short time.