Water Fete – Conisboro’ Swimming Club Gala – Thrills at Denaby

7 October 1932

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Friday 07 October 1932

Water Fete

Conisboro’ Swimming Club Gala

Thrills at Denaby

Some keen competition was seen by a crowded audience at the Denaby Baths last night when the Swimming Club gala was held. In its second season the club has reached a membership of 90.

The ladies’ championship provided the most thrilling racing, E. Hayes, last year’s winner, and M. Godfrey, tying in the first heat. In the final, Miss Godfrey beat Miss ‘Hayes narrowly.

  1. Coward easily became men’s champion. In both heat and final, he won by over ten yards, S. Johnson, last year’s champion, retiring.

Another stirring finish, which also created some fun, was provided by Misses Hayes and Godfrey in the ladies’ comic race.

An interesting feature was an exhibition of the crawl stroke by Miss 11. Pryd, of Sheffield. the Yorkshire 220 yards and 100 yards champion, and Sheffield 100 yards champion, whose schoolgirl’s record still stands.

An entertaining finale to an excellent programme was provided by a polo match between Conisboro’ and Edlington. Conisboro’, through Cox (2) and Coward, managed to win 3-0.

The officials were: Starter : Mr. R. J. Payne, Y.A.S.A.: Check starter, Mr. M. Mills; Timekeeper: Mr. It Dixon, Y.A.S.A.; Judge: Mr. Newton. Mr. A. Stephenson was the secretary.


Men’s championship: 1 W Coward, 2 A Simpson. Time 1-40.

Ladies’ championship: 1 M Godfrey, 2 E Hayes. Time 1-3 1-5.

Junior championship: 1 A Wheatley, 2 K White

Men’s breast stroke championship: 1 J Wright. 2 A Simpson. Time 55secs.

Ladies’ handicap (breast and back stroke): 1 L Hayes (scr.), 2 A Wright (10). Time 1-13.

Men’s handicap: 1 R Johnson (7), 2 K White (12). Time 50secs.

Ladies comic race: 1 N Godfrey, 2 E Hayes.

Men’s comic race: 1 W Coward. 2 R Johnson.

Girls’ novice race: 1 A Corliss (scr.), 2 M Day.

Boys novice: 1 J Foster (5), 2 J Coward (10)

Ladies plunge: 1 E Hayes, 2 A Corliss.