Water Supply for Conisborough

May 1901

Mexborough and Swinton Times May 31

A Water Supply for Conisborough.


May I ask a space in your correspondence, to draw attention to the fact that another summer finds Conisborough still crying out for water.

Frequently we are visited by a epidemic of typhoid fever. The last epidemic affected only people who drank the Wellgate water. The two who died lived within 100 yards of the well. This is no new story.

How often most the tale be told?

And even of this bad water we have a poor supply, to be obtained only by considerable labour and often after much waiting.

That water is urgently needed there can be no doubt. Where can it be had?

Within 1 mile of the town there is an abundant supply of water. Is it wholesome water?

Several analysts are of opinion that it is.

It has been supplied to near Conisborough for some time, and the Medical Officer of Health is able to give an opinion, favourable to it, I believe.

Then why delay any longer about arranging for a supply?

At present it is impossible – quite impossible – for Conisborough people to keep themselves and their homes clean. The town is in a disgraceful condition. Just lately we have heard that something would soon be done. Up to the present there is no visible sign of any change.

Only a strong conviction of the pressing necessity for taking action in this matter induces me to address you on the subject.

I am, Sir, yours faithfully

Robert Craik