Wath 6  Conisborough Town 1

21 September 1888

Mexborough and Swinton Times September 21, 1888

Wath 6  Conisborough Town 1

Played at Wath on Saturday.

The visitors losing the toss, kicked off, and at once made to the home quarters, where Kelly, by a long shot, struck the crossbar, and on the ball rebounding the first goal fell to the visitors.

On the leather being again kicked off the play became fast, and both goals were visited in turns. Ellis sent in a shot from the right, when Bamforth steered the ball through the posts, thus equalising the game. The Wathites still pressed, and the visitors were obliged to concede a corner. J Ellis took possession, and managed it nicely in the goalmouth, when another goal was registered.

After this the home team had things very much their own way, and added goal after goal, four of which were disallowed.