Wath 99 for 7   Denaby 94

4 July 1902

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Friday 04 July 1902

Wath 99 for 7                       Denaby 94,

Allan (pro) 42                        A Robinson 35; H Woodruff 7-33

Last season’s champions of the Mexborough and District League were not fully represented at Wath on Saturday, and in consequence they were beaten somewhat easily.

The two prices game by was placed that club in a very satisfactory position in the league table.

Denaby were 1st to bat with more (captain) and A.Robinson, to the bowling of H.T. Allan (pro.) and H Woodruff, the former from the Station Road end. Runs were rapidly made, and 25 were put on in 15 minutes play. A.Robinson, who was let off in early innings, during the greater part of the hitting.. At this total Woodruff surprise Moore with a yorker, and the Denaby captain had to go.

Walter Robinson, who came next, gave a difficult chance to Woodruff of Allan’s bowling, after he had scored two, and the score rose steadily to 30, when J Ellis bowled in place of Allan, to enable the professional and Woodruff to change ends. Ellis had only two overs, in both of which his bowling was severely punished, and 50 was sent up after 35 minutes. With Allan bowling against the wind, and Woodruff at the opposite end, the batsmen found runs difficult to get. At 60 Walter Robinson failed to a smart catch by Woodruff off his own bowling, and 5 runs later Luther Robinson was beaten by Allan. Meanwhile A. Robinson had driven the ball high to mid-on, which Oldale attempted to his snap, but he failed.

A Smith was the next batsman and before he could safely say where he was, he was given out to peculiar slow, high pitched ball from Woodruff. One umpire ruled that he was bowled, the appeal was made for stumping. The Denaby batsmen protested  that neither ruling was right, but he had to go.

C Bury fell to the next ball, which was the best in the other, to a juggling catch by R. Thompson. Woodruff failed to do the attic, but three deliveries later he got a.Robinson court, the last three wickets having fallen at 68. The rest of the innings was of an indifferent character, and it closed for 91.

With ample time to spare, J Ellis and J Oldale went in for Wath, to the bowling of Luther Robinson and A. Smith. The scoring was rapid for the first few moments, but Oldale had his stumps shattered at 11, and A Darley, who follow, narrowly missed being caught. Indeed an appeal was made, Walter Robinson having seized the ball very low down, but the umpire decided in favour of the batsmen.

A great deal of interest was sent in the batting of Philip Johnson, later, who became Darley’s partner but he did not stay long. At 34 A.Robinson relieved A.Smith, but Luther Robinson was kept on, notwithstanding that runs were being scored off him pretty freely.

The fourth wicket fell at 45, and then followed some very lively cricket with Captain Stanley and Allan together. 15 runs were quickly added, 10 in one over, when Captain Stanley was caught.

Allan continued to bat steadily with R Thompson as a reliable partner, and the runs were knocked off before the fall of the seventh wicket.

Woodruff took seven wickets for 33