Weather and Horses

January 1928

Mexborough and Swinton Times January 13, 1928

Melting snow, rains, winds and other phenomena combined to raise the river level very rapidly, and on Friday there was considerable flooding in the vicinity of Burcroft. In fact a whole area from the railway bridge near the station to Sprotborough was a lake.

It took six horses to get barges through the locks on Friday and then it was found necessary to moor them as it was hopeless to proceed further.

Lots of queer filings came floating down the river, including a dead horse. There was a most peculiar ‘happening during these floods for in one day the ‘river rose six feet and then went down three only to rise again later.

There was a notable example of the sagacity of the horse, for one boatman mounted his steed when water spread over the towing coat& completely obliterating it, and the animal picked its way unerringly to safety through the floods without making a false step.