Wedding – Atkinson & Mason – Denaby Man Weds In New Zealand (picture)

September 1959

South Yorkshire Times September 19, 1959

Denaby Man Weds In New Zealand

News has been received in Denaby Main of the marriage in Wellington, New Zealand, of Mr. William Henry Mason, youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Mason, of 51, Bolton Street, Denaby Main, to Miss Nora Atkinson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Atkinson, of Wellington, New Zealand.

It is three years since Mr. Harry Mason went out to New Zealand and there he met and has now married Miss Nora Atkinson, whose parents emigrated from Harrogate.

The bride was attended by a friend and the bridegroom by his friend, and a happy reception was arranged by the parents of the bride.

Denaby Main friends send good wishes from the village to the happy couple,