Wedding – Moore & Bickerstaff – Married in Canada (picture)

December 1948

South Yorkshire Times December 11, 1948

Married in Canada

The “South Yorkshire Times” has this week received an interesting letter from Mrs. Nancy Bickerstaff, 292, Runnymede Road, Toronto, who before her marriage in Canada earlier, this year was Miss Nancy Moore, former Conisbrough Schoolteacher and daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. Moore, Prior Road, Conisbrough.

Mrs. Bickerstaff writes:

“Early in October, you may recall t that you published my picture with my fiance prior to my flight to Canada. My mother sent me the cutting from the paper and has since sent me copies of the news-paper each week. So many of my pupils at the Modern School Conisbrough and my friends and relations appreciated the report that I thought you might be interested to have this enclosed picture, taken just after we were married.

“We were married in my husband’s home on October 21st, where we now have our own separate apartment, and after the very quiet wedding we left on a long motor trip.

We drove North through part of northern Ontario and Québec, stopping at Ottawa and Montréal, returning through the Adirondacks mountains in New York State and Niagara Falls