West Riding County Council – The Conisbro’ Application for Urban Powers.

July 1899

Sheffield Independent – Thursday 13 July 1899

West Riding County Council

The Conisbro’ Application for Urban Powers.

Col. Mackie moved the reception of the General Purpose Committee’s repeat, which stated ” that the Local Government Board have intimated their disallowance of the order for constituting the townships of Conisbro’ and Denaby, and part of the township of Cadeby, an urban district, and the Council have directed their clerk to write to the Board emphasising the points why the order in question was, in the opinion of the committee a proper one.”

He (Colonel Mackie) read the correspondence on the subject. Mr. W. Vibart Dixon, writing on May 25th, had acknowledged the receipt of a letter dated the 22nd inst. informing him that the Local Government Board had decided to disallow the order constituting the parish of Conisbro’, the township of Denaby, and part of the township of Cadeby, into an urban district.

As the evidence given before the inspector of the Local Government Board corresponded generally with that given before the committee of inquiry of the County Council, he was unable to gather what reasons might have induced the Local Government. Board to come to a decision differing from that of the County Council, and it would be helpful therefore to that body in carrying out their powers under Section 57 of the Local Government Act, 1888, if he was informed as to the main grounds which had caused the Local Government Board to decide that it was unadvisable to constitute the proposed urban district.

The reply of the Local Government Board, dated June 15th, was as follows : — ” Sir, l am directed by the Local Government Board to advert to your letter of the 15th ultimo, with reference to their decision to disallow the order made by the County Council of the West Riding of Yorkshire for the conversion of the parish of Conisbro’, the township of Denaby, and a part of the township of Cadeby. Into an urban district, and I am to state that the Board do not consider that, in general, large rural areas should be included in an urban district, where their inclusion is opposed. The Board moreover do not consider that they are empowered to alter the areas which are included in an order of a County Council under Section 57 of the Local Government Act, 1888, and the only course open to them was therefore to disallow the order in question.— l am, sir, your obedient servant, Noel T.  Kershaw, assistant secretary.”

On July 10th, the Clerk of the County Council sent a further communication as follows : — ” Sir,— Your letter of the 15th ult. was laid before the West Riding General Purposes Committee at their last meeting. I am directed to point out to the Local Government Board some of the considerations which specially weighed with the committee in including the whole of the township of Conisbro’ in the proposed urban district. The township is the natural unit under the Public Health Act, 1875, being instituted by that Act a contributory place for the purposes of drainage, water supply, &c, and the town-ship is, in foci- usually adopted as the area for the purpose of urban districts unless for substantial reasons to the contrary. Dealing with the specific case of Conisbro’, the whole township is now liable to pay for and maintain the drainage scheme and will if an urban district is not constituted, have to pay for an efficient water supply and other matters that the bulk of the population of the proposed urban district is due, and it was certainly considered by the committee that it would be more equitable that this colliery, which is only just outside the township of Conisbro’, should be included in the Conisbro’ Urban district. It would then contribute its proper share towards the administration which its advent had rendered necessary. As the board are aware the more circumscribed urban district suggested by the company themselves was mapped out so as to include the shaft and adjacent lands. I understand that some further proposal for the formation of an urban district will shortly be brought forward by the locality. — I am, etc., W. Vibart Dixon.

It seemed to him (Col. Mackie) from this correspondence that if there was only sufficient opposition the Local Government Board instead of exercising their judgment as to what was the best thing to do would simply submit to the opposition. In his opinion, if the Local Government Board would allow the County Council to manage their own affairs it would be much better. (Hear, hear.)