“What do They Want ? ” Club Asks – “Fans” Still Elusive At Tickhill Square

24 October 1959

South Yorkshire Times October 24, 1959

“What do They Want ? ” Club Asks

“Fans” Still Elusive At Tickhill Square

Although they have one of the most successful teams in their history the problem of the missing “fans” is a permanent item on the agenda at Denaby United these days. Officials, who “have thrown in everything bar the kitchen sink,” are continually striving (so far unsuccessfully) to step up attendance.

Were it not for the Supporters’ Club, 250 men and women who in the words of United secretary-manager, Mr. Arthur Roberts, “are doing as much as a crowd of 2,000,” Denaby would not be in existence today,

And were it not for the loyal few, who turn up at Tickhill Square week in, week out, the turnstiles would be permanently closed.

“What else can we do ?” _asked Mr. Roberts. “We thought that if we could field a successful team dwindling gates would be a thing of the past. It shows how wrong we were !”

Permanent Item

“We have lost only two of our eight matches this season. But there has been no really noticeable improvement in the ‘gates.’ The attendance problem is a permanent item on the agenda at committee meetings.

“lf it were not for the Supporters’ Club we would need a ‘gate’ of over 3,000 at every home match tokeep our heads above water. As it is now we make about £25 a week from gate money, which will not pay half the players’ wages.

Most of United’s support comes from the Denaby and Conisbrough area. Mr. Roberts said that only about 100 “fans” come from Mexborough. What hope is there then for the re-formation of a Mexborough Midland League club if a crowd of less than 200 are going to roll up for home games ?

At the club’s last annual meeting, chairman, Mr. T. Holmes commented: “We cannot expect large crowds until we have a successful team. If attendance does not improve then Midland League football is finished as far as Denaby is concerned.”